About Our Manufacturing

Quality is an integral part of everything we demand at S3F Solutions.

We start by utilizing the highest quality materials, sourced from trusted vendors.

Upon arrival, materials are checked for defects and imperfections and conformance certificates are verified.

As soon as material has been deemed to meet our standards, a production traveler is issued in accordance with ISO 9001 Standards.

Raw materials are then allocated for production. In order to avoid human error in this step of the process (Wrong materials selected) we ensure stock from each lot are inspected, and checked against specification documents, among other qualifying methods.

Error is always a concern in manufacturing but is mitigated through our “Competence, Training, and awareness” procedure and integrated in-process quality control checks.

Beyond checking for conformance, and ensuring tolerances are met within spec of the prints, machines, and measuring equipment follows strict, scheduled calibration procedures by a certified technician.
This ensures precision, accuracy, and consistency.

S3F uses broached cut rifling and is capable of multiple twist rates and directions. This gives us the flexibility to create a custom platform for the greatest stabilization of any grain round being used. Our supported chambers allow for the use of an array of ammunition from reloads to +P+.

Our barrels are inspected in accordance with our ISO 9001-2008 Quality control procedure to ensure our specifications are achieved. The concentricity tolerances of our barrels are only accepted in tenths. All operators are overseen by a quality control manager that must sign off on and then accept each and every lot prior to shipment.

Next barrels are sorted and prepped based on the coating they will receive.

Coating is the only process that we don’t have direct control over, so all vendors are required to perform to our high standards and in accordance with a “Quality assurance of Coatings” document.  Currently, S3F utilizes two types of coatings, physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings, and ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC). Both coatings are used to harden & protect the surface of the barrel, as well as offer aesthetic appeal. PVD coating is a microfilm coating that is applied during a plasma state in a vacuum chamber.

Upon returning to S3F, each barrel is individually inspected by hand according to a strict procedure, and again overseen by a QC department manager and only accepted with retained documentation.

Finally, barrels are ready for laser engrave, a 30-watt hybrid fiber laser is used in conjunction with custom high precision fixtures to keep barrels and laser markings consistent.

Barrels are then inspected one final time before being packaged and are ready for shipment.