S3F SOLUTIONS Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of installing an aftermarket barrel?
- There are many reasons why you may want to upgrade to an aftermarket barrel! First and foremost is an increase in accuracy, many people aren’t aware Glocks are manufactured to a “loose spec” meaning one Glock off the assembly line may be more or less accurate then the next. By using an S3F barrel, manufactured to our proprietary spec. you are able to achieve tighter lock up, resulting in a more accurate gun. S3F utilizes a 1:10 twist rate, this means the bullet makes one full rotation, every 10 inches. Most companies advertise their barrels between 1:16- 1:18 twist. Faster twist rate, the more stable the round. In addition to increased accuracy, the ability to shoot reloads, or lead cast rounds is valuable to many users, it is well known that the polygonal rifling used by Glock OEM barrels is adversely effected by shooting lead cast rounds.


Do S3F barrels need to be hand fit?
-No! S3F Barrels are designed to be “Drop In” Upgrades! If for some reason your barrel is “tight” or will not sit flush with your slide, please read more about our break in instructions below!


How should I install/ “break-in” my new S3F Barrel?
- We recommend lubricating the entire barrel WELL before install. Specifically the contact points around the hood and breech. Place the slide on a hard flat surface and install the barrel, if needed, tap the barrel into place using a rubber mallet (This is usually required when installing in a cerakoted slide.) Once the barrel is sitting flush with the slide, and the weapon has been re-assembled, rack the slide FIRMLY. Do not “ride the slide” back into place, a “slingshot” technique should be utilized. Next fire a few boxes of factory new ammo, and she will butter up nicely!


What is the advantage of a fluted barrel?
- Fluting on rifle barrels has been around for some time, the initial purpose was to reduce weight in heavy bull barrels, it also had the added benefit of increasing surface area, and thus improving the barrel’s ability to cool. Recently fluting pistol barrels has gained popularity, this is mostly for the cosmetic appearance and why S3F only charges $5 for this feature!


Do threaded barrels include a matching thread protector?
- YES!


Will your ported barrel work with my custom slide?
- Our ports on the G17 & G19 barrels are located in the factory location. Your gun must either be a C model from the factory, or the shop cutting your slide must know to make the port holes is the same location as OEM. We are not responsible for any damage to your slide that results due to improper use.


Can I put my G17/ 19 barrel in my X gun?
- NO due to the way each of these guns lock up, you must use the barrel only in the gun it is made for!


Do you make X barrel?
-All of our current models are listed here on our website, if you cant find it here, we don’t yet make it!


Can you make me a custom barrel?
-We ARE able to mae custom barrels, but in order for it to make sense economically, we will not accept custom barrel orders for QTY’s less than 100. We will consider these projects on a time by time basis.


For further info please message us at sales@s3fsolutions.com