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Agency Arms Drop-In Triggers
Agency Arms Drop-In Triggers

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Details: S3F is excited to carry Agency Arms Drop-in Triggers!

These triggers are a dramatic improvement over the stock triggers, in several ways. Starting with very little take-up, the shooter quickly finds the "break point", and is greeted with a crisp, audible, break. With the minimization of any over travel and a snappy reset, the result is a very gratifying trigger pull, for faster follow up shots, and tighter groups. The 4 stages to a trigger pull… Take up/slack – The movement of the trigger with little or no weight before there is any movement of the sear. This is longer on many new polymer pistols because of the trigger face safeties. Break – The movement and increase in weight associated pressing the trigger with enough force to release the sear and fire the gun. Over Travel – The movement of the trigger moves towards the rear after the shot is fired Reset – The forward movement of the trigger required before the trigger can be pressed to the rear again and fire another shot

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